Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost to have you come up with a design and screen print shirts for us?

We do not charge anything for simple design work(special detail art will require custom quote), artwork prep, or screen set up.  The only thing you pay for is the shirt and print charge.  Your cost will depend on several factors.   Please contact us to get a quote for your job. Knowing the following will be helpful in giving you an accurate quote!

1. What type of shirt are you wanting?  There are tons of options to choose from.  We can send you email links with product details and color options once we know what you're interested in ordering.

2. How many prints will you be ordering?  We will print orders as small as 8 shirts.  We give price breaks at 24, 50, 100, 250, and 500 shirts.

3. How many colors will be in your artwork?  The price increase for ink colors is also affected by the quantity you will be ordering.

4.  How many print locations will there be?  We can print up to 13 by 19 inches or as small as needed on the front or back of your shirt.  We can also print on pockets and sleeves.

Are there any extra fees involved?

No!  We only charge you our wholesale cost for the shirt and add our print cost.  We pride ourselves on never charging you an artwork or screen fee. The price per print is what you pay. Period.

How can I be sure that the shirts will fit?  

In most cases the garments we order are true to a typical fit. We can send you product measurements for the item that you are interested in ordering if requested.  In many cases, depending on your time frame and location, we can get you a sample if needed.   We ask that you please take the time to follow these steps to ensure that the shirts will fit.  It will not be possible for us to reprint one or two shirts for you if the fit is not what someone was expecting.

Oops!  I meant to order an additional shirt and I forgot to include it in my order!

As much as we hate telling anyone no, it is just not possible for us to order and print an extra shirt.  If we haven't already started printing your order we can add extra shirts in for you with our next order through our distributor.  This will delay your print job though.  If we have already printed and delivered your order when you realize that you need additional shirts we would have to view it as a new order since your screens would have already been reclaimed for another job.  Our minimum order is 8 shirts and we would charge based on that price structure.

Will the size and color of my design look exactly like the proof you emailed me?

We set up our proofs as close to the actual cured ink color as possible.  Due to the fact that colors can vary depending on your computer monitor some slight variation may exist.  If you cannot give us a pantone number for the ink color you're interested in, please be aware of this possibility!  We also give you the dimensions of the print area that you can expect with the design.  This will, of course, look different on youth and adult sizes.

Do you accept returns?

We work very hard to ensure that you know what you will be getting.  Due to the fact that printed garmets cannot be returned to our distibutor, we do not accept returns under normal circumstances.  Please follow the steps mentioned above to ensure that you are happy with the sizing of your shirts and the proofs sent to you before sending approval for printing!

How long will it take to get my order?

Typical turnaround is 2 weeks after we receive all needed information from you.  This includes shirt color and sizes, design approval, and payment arrangement. If you are in Panama City we can deliver your order upon request.

Can you ship our order if we don't live in Panama City?


Of course!  We use UPS.  Visit their shipping calculator page to get an estimate of your shipping cost.  We will add the actual shipping cost to your final invoice.  Make sure you use Panama City as the "Ship From" city.  Zip is 32401.


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